10 Beauty Tips and Secrets

10 Beauty Tips and Secrets

10 Beauty Tips and Secrets  -  Perhaps Being a bit obvious, the tips below may seem trivial. But they are vital to maintaining the freshness, smoothness, and beauty of your skin. After reading them, start putting them into practice, the results will not take long.
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01.Proper humidity levels

The term hydration comes from the notion of 'hydro' or water. As long as you keep your skin at the proper humidity levels, you will not suffer from dryness. Also, drinking plenty of water keeps the skin fresh and hydrated. When you get out of the shower, pat cold water on your face and let it dry on its own, the results are evident in a few days.

02.Vitamin E

Trust the vitamin E that some creams and skin products contain because this vitamin is an effective antioxidant that protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals, the main enemies of skin freshness.


Masks are very beneficial products for the skin because they restore their freshness and provide smoothness and tone. Use a mask at least once every 15 days, do not leave it on your face for a long time, 20 minutes to half an hour is enough, and supplement it with a moisturizer.

04.Hands skin

Ah, if you do not pay attention to the skin of your hands, they will soon begin to crack and stain. It is that the hands reflect the age as few parts of the body because they exposed all the time. Take care of them, put cream every time you wash them, and as many times a day as required.


The legs deserve your full attention. Moisturize them daily after bathing and at night, with relaxing oils such as glycerin, honey, olives, mint, shea, and others. Exfoliate rough areas of the legs such as the knees (behind and in front) and the heel.

06.Stretch marks

For stretch marks, the best are products that contain almond oil, aloe vera, jojoba or shea, or others that contain essential oils. But there is something key in the elimination of these disturbing marks: the consistency in the routine of applying the indicated cream.
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Exfoliation is a practice that gives perfect results because it removes impurities and dead skin cells. There are products such as soaps and gels that allow you to do it yourself in the shower because the humidity helps the exfoliating agent to act more.


If you tend to be allergic to deodorants, especially in hot weather, try using a little lemon or baking soda in your armpits. The acidity of the lemon eliminates the smell of sweat and offers long-lasting results; but, you should not expose that part to the sun because it can stain.

09.Regenerating creams

Regenerating creams can be hormone replacement, with components such as isoflavones (from soy), of regeneration itself, from marine ingredients such as algae, and permanent exfoliation, from formulas containing retinol, for example.

10.Anti-aging creams

Anti-aging creams do their work during the night hours, but if you believe that the task is to apply it to yourself, without before cleaning or toning your skin, you are helping its effect to dilute, and the anti-aging cream does not act as you must.

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