Crack Treatment with Chemical Peeling
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Crack Treatment with Chemical Peeling

 Cracks occur with tears that happen in the middle layer of the skin, the dermis. Generally, the most significant cause of the crack is hormonal changes. In addition to hormone changes, it causes fast weight loss, height growth, and cracks during pregnancy. Mainly when you lose and lose excess weight, cracks occur as the skin fails to stretch at the same speed as the amount of fat in the body increases and decreases. So, losing weight healthily and slowly can prevent the formation of cracks.

 If you have new cracks in your body that are not too deep, you can get rid of your cracks by treating them with chemical peeling. Chemical peels are applications made with chemical solutions that give skin a peeling effect to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin.

 In the treatment of cracks with chemical peels, it aimed to apply skin-containing solutions with glycolic acid, which creates a peeling effect on the skin, where the cracks form on the chest, abdomen, hips, back, and waist, and peel and renew the skin. Burning and stinging may be felt during the procedures, but these feelings are temporary. After the application, the person can continue his daily life.

 Redness and peeling of the skin observed in the area where the treatment is applied after chemical peeling and crack treatment. All these effects disappear within 10 days, and the skin renews itself. The skin formed on the skin after the application should never peel off. The natural renewal of the skin should be left to the natural process.

 If you are treating cracks with chemical peels, you should be protected from the sun to prevent spots on your skin, and you should use sunscreens with 50 factors or more.

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