How to make scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs
scrambled eggs dish

In 2020, Scrambled eggs have become a very delicious dish. Everyone loves to taste this food without any age differences.

Let's see how to make a perfect scrambled eggs dish.

Firstly, get good quality eggs. They are much richer in flavor. Basically the most important part of your dish, so a buck or two extra is worth it.

-Break two to three eggs in a bowl and whisk slightly, just enough for them to become homogeneous. Add a splash of milk or cream(milk for lighter, cream for silkier eggs).

-Turn the heat to high and preheat your pan. I like to use a mixture of oil and butter, to prevent the butter from browning. However, brown butter can add a different twist, so experiment with it.

-Once your pan is hot, eggs go in and you should immediately turn the heat to the lowest possible. Start mixing them around quickly, yet gently. Make sure you always scrape the bottom of your pan, so that no eggs get burned.

-Continue mixing gently until they start thickening up. Season to taste( salt, black pepper). Remove from the heat and let them rest for 3–4 minutes in the residual heat from the pan.

-Serve and enjoy your food!

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