How to make cheesecake [2020] Homemade Recipe

How to make homemade Cheesecake Recipe 2020
Homemade Cheesecake Recipe 2020

Are you looking for a make perfect cheesecake at home? Now we are going to share "How to make homemade cheesecake in 2020"

This cheesecake has all the characteristics that animate anyone in the kitchen: it is prosperous, it is simple in terms of ingredients, preparation and material, and it looks great.

Ingredients for Homemade Cheesecake 

  • 1,250ml. milk
  • 280g of flour
  • 460g of sugar
  • 10g Chemical impeller (Royal yeast type)
  • 1 small brick of whipping or cooking cream (200 ml.)
  • 200g Philadelphia cheese spread
  • 5 eggs
  • 2 butter spoons
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How to make homemade cheesecake [2020]

Recipe Elaboration

First mix the dry ingredients, that is, the sifted flour, sugar and yeast in a large container

Add the eggs and mix them with manual rods. Once everything is well mixed, add the liquid cream and continue mixing. Next, pour the Philadelphia cheese and stir it well until it is well integrated into the dough. 

Next, add the butter to the ointment point and mix also.

Note: Although we will have a few "lumps" of butter, it does not matter, it is normal, then with warm milk they dissolve.

We heat the milk in a saucepan, only until it is warm, it does not have to boil or be too hot. We are adding the milk in the previous mixture until we have all the milk incorporated. 

If we use any aroma, such as vanilla, lemon, cinnamon ... this is the time to add it. Finally, we can see a very liquid mixture.

Baking Method

 First, we need to prepare the mold where we are going to bake the cake. It must be a mold that is not removable since the mixture that we are going to add is very liquid and would leak.

We have divided the dough into two tall molds, one of 23 cm. and another 10 cm. (we can fit both of them in the same oven tray) but you can use a bigger one or reduce the amounts proportionally 1/3.

They are greased with butter, and a little flour is sprinkled (with this we achieve 2 things, first, that the cake does not stick to the mold and we can unmold it without a problem and second, it will create a small crust that will make the base of the cake)

The molds are filled to ¾ parts of their capacity (no more, since if not, it would overflow us, because it grows in the oven, although it then drops).

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We preheat the oven to 200 degrees for 12 minutes with up-down-air heat. After that time, we put the molds in the oven tray at medium height and lower the temperature to 175 degrees, with down-air heat, we have it for approximately 1 hour.

Special Notes:

Each oven is a world, so we advise you to bake it as you usually do with this type of cakes, which are very liquid doughs, like rice cake, cream cake ...

We will know that it is baked when it still trembles a little when you move it, but you see that it is no longer liquid inside ... do not leave it to cook until it is tough since this type of cakes hardens and settle with the cooled. 

If you leave it in the oven for a long time, we will obtain a dry and hard interior dough, and we are interested in a clean-cut, but the interior is creamy and smooth.

It may seem like a long time to bake, but since it is a lot of dough, it lacks; I particularly like this type of cakes to stand tall, and it needs that time for it to be done right.

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