How Pimples (Acne) Occur?

How Pimples (Acne) Occur?

 Almost all of us have experienced acne (Pimple) problems at some point in our lives. This is mostly a problem we encounter during adolescence. However, sometimes acne does not pass after the adolescence ends, even in the 40s, we can turn our lives into nightmares. The reason for the increase of acne in some periods such as pregnancy is the excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands in our body outside the palm and foot.

These channels become clogged over time with excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands connected to the hair ducts. If the skin, which is also exposed to external factors, is not cleaned, black spots first occur. If these blackheads are not treated, they will be replaced by inflamed pimples.

The reason for the increase of acne in adolescence is hormones. Hormones further increase the release of sebaceous glands. The fact that acne is more severe in boys than in girls is explained by the fact that the testosterone hormone in men increases the release of the sebaceous glands. In women, the hormone estrogen reduces the functioning of the sebaceous glands. However, acne (acne) formation also depends on genetic factors, not everyone has the same severity. Experts say that people who have acne disorders in their family are more likely to face acne problems than other people.

 Stress is also among the factors that increase acne. Since the hormones secreted by our body increase the production of fat during periods when we stressed, an increase in acne can be observed in these periods.

Core chocolate and fast-food style foods, on the contrary, do not acne. Hearsay information, such as applying toothpaste to pimples, can also increase acne.

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