How to lose fat on stomach

How to lose fat on stomach

How to lose fat on stomach

1. Obesity and rumen.
2. Health risks and social consequences of obesity and rumen.
3. Lose fat on stomach/burn belly fat in a week.
4. Steps to burning belly fat. 

[01] Obesity and rumen Obesity is defined as the accumulation of body fat to a level that exceeds a certain level so that this fat is incompatible with health, and body weight is evaluated using many methods. It was common in the past to use life insurance tables to determine the ideal weights. Still, at the present time, it is considered the most Commonly and commonly used is the method of using the BMI, which is calculated using the following formula: BMI = weight (kg) / square of height in meters (m²), so that the results are evaluated as the following table shows:

Category                                    Body mass index (kg / m²). 

Weight loss                                                  - Less than 18.5 
Normal weight                                             - 18.5-24.9 
Increase in weight                                       - 25-29.9 
First-class obesity                                       - 30-34.9 
Class II obesity                                            - 35-39.9 
Third degree obesity ( excessive obesity )   - 40 and over

And then the waist circumference is measured; where the height of the measurement of the waist circumference in men is more than 102 cm, and in women, over 88 cm it means an increased risk of chronic diseases related to obesity, so for other reasons everyone is looking for ways to get rid of the rumen. In obesity cases in which the distribution of accumulated fat in the body is concentrated in the abdominal area, obesity is called intermediate or apple-shaped obesity, and this type of obesity is more common in men than women, as it spreads to a lesser extent in postmenopausal women.

[02]Health risks and social consequences of obesity and rumen


Obesity is associated with high mortality and high incidences of many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer, osteoarthritis and liver disease, and the risk of developing these diseases increases the more obesity increases, as does obesity. Obesity can reduce the body's immunity against infection by bacteria and viruses.

The social consequences of obesity and rumen may not be less than the health consequences, as the current society defects and vilify obesity, especially in women, adolescents, and people with obesity, despite the high awareness that obesity is a complex problem that goes beyond merely controlling oneself to eat, and may affect This discrimination against people with obesity over their educational, social, marital and job status. People with obesity must make all possible efforts to treat and eliminate their condition. All members of society must change this criticism of obese people and the shelf—the level of awareness regarding the problem of weight gain and its causes.

[03]Lose fat on stomach/Burning belly fat in a week 

In the beginning, it should be noted that it is not possible to completely get rid of excess belly fat entirely and permanently in one week. Still, a week period is sufficient to start reducing these fats and making some steps necessary to get rid of the rumen. Work must be done to get rid of the excess fat gradually, as the plans That adopt small and gradual changes and realistic goals are often more successful than methods that take rapid weight loss, and that the goal should be about correcting dietary habits and lifestyle to reach the best possible weight in the best normal position instead of focusing on achieving a specific weight or focus on Access to a body For my ideal.

[04]Steps to lose fat on stomach/burn belly fat

In the following points, we will talk about ways to fight and get rid of belly fat with some advice in nutritional behaviours:

  • An evaluation of the nutritional and health status must be obtained to know the order of goals and treatment priorities. In some cases, the use of drugs or resorting to surgeries is a necessity required by the health status, while the use of diet, sports, and lifestyle modifications can be used in most other cases. 

  • The person should start the journey of treating abdominal fat by setting an individual plan for him that is appropriate to his personal abilities. It is preferable to start adopting one or two steps according to his ability and adhere to it for a specific period, then add more actions according to the will, so that the plan is realistic, logical and away from challenging goals Investigation. 

  • Adhering to a low-calorie diet than the daily needs of the body, it is preferable to consult with dietitians to do this step, which is considered a basis for weight loss and abdominal fat. 

  • Trying to introduce steps that are adopted in a person's daily lifestyle, as this gives better results in terms of continuity rather than taking a diet for a temporary period and then returning to the previous life system that led the person to gain weight in the first place. 

  • Exercise sports, where I found studies the ability of sports aerobics to relieve abdominal fat area if exercised periods sufficient at least ten weekly hours and commitment, where I found them useful in reducing abdominal fat and internal surrounding organs, which are linked to health problems, however, a physician must be consulted before starting exercise by people with chronic diseases or people unfamiliar with exercise or people who have significantly overweight, and it was found that exercising early in the morning and before a person begins his daily routine can Run it on a DONC sport is the best and that people who exercise in the morning are more committed to them than others, and include sports aerobics walking, jogging and jumping rope And the stationary bike and aerobic classes, and other exercises that raise the rate of breathing and heartbeat. 

  • Using the help of taking notes on everything related to eating and other daily behaviours, such as sports and other physical activities, and others, along with writing the time, duration, place, feelings and psychological state accompanying these behaviours, as this method helps the person himself or whoever works to help him lose weight in assessing his response and determining The problems that it faces and therefore help to modify the treatment strategy and develop appropriate solutions. The problem must be identified, and several solutions developed, then choosing the most relevant and adherence to these solutions. The success of this solution must be evaluated, and if it is not successful, resort to a solution Dell solutions in advance and abide by it, and then must be re-evaluated. 

  • Ensure that you consume water in sufficient quantities, as it helps to feel full and reduces calories consumed. Care must be taken to drink water before meals, as it was found that this slightly reduces the calories consumed in the meal, and this behaviour contributes to treating obesity And long-term excess fat. 

  • Increase the number of meals eaten daily and make them smaller. 

  • Stop eating immediately after feeling full, and rely on the body's internal indicators to determine the quantities of food eaten in the meal rather than following external signs, such as the size of meals provided or the size of the dish, etc., which have become higher in our time than they were before. 

  • Take care to reduce the number of fats consumed in the diet, which is a significant reason for the accumulation of excess fat in the body, as high-fat foods should be avoided, such as high-fat meat, ghee, cream, butter, cream, mayonnaise, etc. 

  • Be sure to eat slowly, as this contributes to reducing the amount of food consumed, and this can be accomplished with proper chewing, placing spoons and forks between bites and talking a little with the people around you and other behaviours. 

  • Not eating in places other than the times and times designated for that, and you should avoid eating while doing other activity, such as watching TV or work and others. 

  • Avoid eating empty calories that give the body calories without giving it nutrients, such as soft drinks, alcohol, some sweets, and others. 

  • Getting at least seven and a half hours of sleep a day, as adequate sleep deprivation causes a disruption in metabolism and contributes to weight gain and fat accumulation, reduces activity and ability to exercise and increases the opportunity to eat unhealthy foods. 

  • Treating the state of emotional eating, if any, where several alternative solutions must be developed to deal with stress and emotional reactions. One of these solutions is the exercise of exercise is an ideal solution, as it contributes to reducing stress and raising the hormones of happiness, in addition to its role in burning calories and reducing fat in an area Belly. 

  • We must not underestimate the self even in the event of mistakes, and should not exaggerate the feeling of guilt or make it an obstacle to continue the journey of getting rid of excess fat, there is nothing wrong with making some mistakes sometimes, and in return, we must overcome the error and focus on the accomplishments and positives and return to continue with them, As this supports the person to continue to achieve successes. 

  • Replace activities that do not require physical activity, such as watching television or video games, with activities that require physical activity, such as playing football or other sports. 

  • Prepare food yourself at home and avoid eating ready-made foods. 

  • Make a list before you go shopping, stick to it, and do not shop while feeling hungry. 

  • Obtaining the psychological support necessary to continue and try to engage in positive environments that increase a person's resolve.

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